Simply Social Mosaic Classes

The Studio will be closed Monday, March 12th. It will be open again Thursday March 15th from 12-5pm. Open studio hours are Mondays and Thursdays 12-5. Class options are also available. View our event schedule and book an appointment to make art with us.

We have a lot of fun projects to choose from. Winter and Valentines Day patterns are now available. Sign up early because seating is limited. We look forward to making art with you. For a full list of events see here!

Bring Your Spirits With You and Have a Party!

Classes are available nights and weekends.  Join your friends in making beautiful stained glass mosaics. We Provide everything you need to make your project dazzle. Through Simply Social Mosaic Classes we create an inviting atmosphere for groups to gather and create fun pieces of art that can typically be completed in a single 2 hour class.  Our classes although creative and fun are designed specifically for the beginner glass artist so that it is fun for everyone including children.  Our class room space is large enough to host large groups at once and is perfect for parties, fundraiser events, and social functions.  Please take a look at the classes we have available to pick the class that is best for your artistic level. We also offer more in depth Workshops which take place over the course of 2-4 weeks to build more elaborate pieces for advanced level students who would like to learn shape cutting. Classes are available for Private Groups and can be custom themed based on group preference. Groups of 6 or more are eligible for discount pricing. See Available Classes


Available Workshops for Advanced Artists


The AD Graphic Art, LLC Studio also offers Mosaic Artistry Workshops for Advanced Level Students who would like to build larger more intricate mosaic pieces using a variety of techniques. The workshops are perfect for items like Large Mirrors and Frames, X-Large Garden Pots, Decorative Home Pieces, and Table Tops. Workshops are an intensive program depending on the piece; designed to help advanced artists achieve their goal. Workshops will be listed on our event page and can be reserved by groups of 3 or more.

AD Graphic Art Studio Locker Program

Many glass artists hate the mess it makes and don’t have the space for their tools and supplies. We offer a monthly rental of our space for artists to conveniently come and go to work on their pieces in a clean, fun atmosphere as their time allows without having to take all of their tools with them. We will store the tools and craft project(s) for them until they return so that they can easily pick up where they left off and use our sinks to clean their tools in. This is a great opportunity for students with limited space or equipment at home. With the Locker Program, AD Graphic Art tools will also be available for use and all at an affordable low monthly fee.


AD Graphic Art’s Studio and Art Gallery

The AD Graphic Art, LLC Studio and Gallery was created to bring people together to design beautiful pieces of artwork from materials that would otherwise be unused or placed in the landfill. Our specialty is creating mosaic art with broken glass. Glass can take up to 1 million years to decompose once placed in a landfill. There is something special about taking something like broken glass that was unwanted and turning it into something beautiful. By using our broken glass to make beautiful home décor, you are helping to ensure that it is being re-purposed for something meaningful and contemporary at a fraction of the cost it would be to purchase from a décor shop.

Through our Simply Social Mosaic classes you are learning a new art style while having fun with friends and building lasting memories.

We appreciate our fellow artists and the support we have gained from the local community. It means the world to our small business that has grown its roots right here in Knoxville, TN.

Join the AD Graphic Art, LLC Team

AD Graphic Art is so much more than a mosaic studio. It is a place where artists can come together to build interesting stained glass art. It is a place where people who want to tap into their artistic side can find themselves. It is a Design and Communications Hub that can help small businesses create their presence in the web community and through original content that helps to increase their promotional value. It is all these things and we are hiring.

If you are interested in Studio or Design internship we want to hear from you.

If you are interested in Part Time Employment as an Instructor or Store Clerk please contact Adrienne at 865-805-8364.

Still Browsing? Check Out Our Digital Gallery Before You Go! We have lots of pieces of fine art available for purchase.