About Us

Our Vision

It’s our main goal to bring local mosaic artists together in a friendly, unique and inviting atmosphere to work on environmentally friendly art projects with a focused emphasis on glass mosaics. As part of this goal we’d like to invite beginners to join us for casual and fun group classes that are designed to inspire those who need the extra push to finding their inner artist.

A Mom & Daughter Team

Glass artists dedicated to providing a comfortable and fun experience for those who are interested in mixed media mosaic classes. We are passionate about stained glass and mixed media mosaics, but are also skilled in other stained glass forms (copper foil and lead) and graphic design.

Adrienne H. Diffin (Email: adiffin@adgraphicart.com)

Stained Glass (copper foil) and Mosaic Artist

From a young age Ms. Diffin has loved arts and crafts in a variety of art media even winning ribbons in mixed media paintings from the TN Valley fair as a child and recognition from her high school art director as one of 1996’s most promising artists. Over the past 10 years, Adrienne has achieved several certifications in a variety of digital art software programs and is a local Graphic Designer, Communications Specialist and Technical Editor. Still she finds that she is called by a passion to create with her hands, and finds it fulfilling to reuse materials that would otherwise be disposed. It wasn’t until a few years ago that she discovered the art of Stained Glass and Mosaics.  Although she enjoyed Stained Glass, Adrienne found the most joy in bringing the broken pieces of stained glass back to life in beautiful mosaic projects, but found that because it is messy and takes up a lot of space it is sometimes inconvenient to create this art from home, and that is how AD Graphic Art Studio and Gallery was born. As much as Adrienne loves creating art, she has also found that being an artist can be a lonely path and it is in her experience that art is always more fun in groups. From this idea Adrienne created the Locker Artist Project and Simply Social Mosaic Class Parties and Workshops for Beginner and Advanced artists who would like to develop their artistic talent.


Golda Houser

Stained Glass (copper foil & lead) Artist and Mosaic Artist

Golda is skilled with a variety of artistic talents including impeccable skills as a seamstress, cake baker, and stained glass artist but she also loves the art of stained glass and mixed media mosaics. She currently has several beautiful pieces on display in our ETSY gallery available for purchase. Some of Golda’s favorite pass times are creating mosaics and stained glass pieces, playing Solitaire Tripeaks, hanging out with her Daughter Adrienne and the Grandkids, and enjoying time with her little Pineapple Conure Pearlie Girl.