Take Time for Yourself, Slow Down and Make Something Beautiful and Lasting from Home.

Now you can make Stained Glass Artwork from the comfort of your own home. We’re proud to be the 1st and Only Monthly Subscription in the US for Stained Glass Mosaics. Each month you will receive everything you need to create your own surprise stained glass mosaic project from home. Purchase the Starter Kit Today and receive 2lbs of assorted glass, a pair of glass nippers, safety goggles, and 2 bonus projects. The best part is you will have plenty of extra glass to start on another project from home right away and you can begin your glass color collection so that you can pick and choose from a variety of colors with ease. All instructions are included with our patterns and the substrate to apply your glass to so it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Level Price  
Mosaic Starter Kit with Monthly Subscription $75.00 now and then $42.00 per Month. Select
Stained Glass Mosaic Master Annual Subscription $450.00 per Year. Select
Send Me Art Sometimes (Quarterly Subscription) $215.00 per Year. Select
Mosaic Starter Kit $75.00 now. Select
Monthly Subscription $42.00 per Month. Select
Simply Social Mosaics Quarterly Magazine $12.25 per Year. Select